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Wellness at Your Fingertips


Women's Wellness

Illuminate your self-love and joy for life to allow you the freedom to have a life of infinite play.

Overwhelmed each day by the number of things you have to do?

Do you worry about what other people think about you?

Are you always in a hurry and stressed out?

Never have enough time to get that to-do list done?

Frequently forgetting things?

Having a hard time making even simple decisions? 

you are in the right place

You deeply want to feel at peace within yourself and find the freedom to live life how you want. 

Helping women who are experiencing frustration with never having enough time in the day and constantly feeling overwhelmed, to discover their sense of self, balance, and freedom in life so they can live a life full of love and joy. 

You have too much going on at the moment and feel like you are drowning in a long to-do list that you can never seem to complete. 


Your mind wanders during conversations with people, and halfway into the conversation, you realize you missed half of it thinking about everything you have going on. 


Constantly being pulled in different directions from your kids, husband, friends, and family overwhelms you even more, so you keep pushing through to be there for everyone else. 


But you still do not feel like you are not doing a good enough job for your family or friends because your heart is not fully present.  


You wonder to yourself “Is THIS really what life is supposed to be like?”

❤︎ Working as hard as you can to do everything “perfectly'' to get the life you want -- which leaves you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.


❤︎ Stepping back when you realize there is too much going on -- only to find yourself wondering where to go, and how to move forward in a way that gives you the freedom you desire. 


❤︎ Following the crowd -- trying to look a certain way, saying yes anytime someone asks for a favor, or doing more for your family -- hoping that working harder will get you the life you crave -- but you only find yourself feeling overworked and frustrated. 

Orange Flower

Does that sound like you?

  You are not alone and you aren't doing anything wrong!  

As a woman, you were likely led to believe that you are held to a certain standard, need a fixed structure, and manage everything to keep your family happy. 


The constant need to do everything perfectly has you strung out at all ends with no end in sight. 

The truth is - your dedication to powering through may seem like you can do it all, but it comes at the cost of your happiness, causing frustration, overwhelm, and hopelessness. 


The good news is - it is 100% possible for you to: 

❤︎ Find LOVE for yourself again and do things for YOU!
❤︎ Be active in ways you love and enjoy being able to PLAY again!
❤︎ Feel loved and supported in living a life full of absolute JOY!


When you get support to let go of your limiting beliefs, you will feel centered within yourself, so that you can find the answers you are searching for to confidently move forward. 

You will allow your time and energy to be put into prioritizing yourself to finally gain inner peace and freedom to live a life full of love and joy. 

Longing for others' approval and doing things because you think you should, only distracts you from yourself. 


I believe the best version of you shines through when you live in an authentic way


And I am here to help you do that!


From zoning out during a family conversation at the dinner table because you are thinking about all the long to-do list you put together a few days ago

From turning down the lunch date with your friends because you need to squeeze a meeting in over your lunch

From feeling like you do not recognize yourself

From feeling guilty if you don’t constantly have the house picked up

Untitled design - 2023-01-15T132343.304.png
Untitled design - 2023-01-15T132343.304.png
Untitled design - 2023-01-15T132343.304.png
Untitled design - 2023-01-15T132343.304.png


To instead being fully present and joining in on the laughter with your family that almost makes you spit out your drink.


To confidently saying no to work and saying yes to your friends without hesitation. 

To gaining clarity on who you are to allow your life to be filled with love and joy. 

To feeling freedom in choosing to watch a show on the couch, in your PJs, with your dog, and a glass of wine.

Blurry Petals

This is 100% possible for you!

I will help you develop a clear plan that accounts for your individual needs and goals, so that you feel empowered in your life. 

I offer 1:1 services in person and online. 

Want to learn more about working together? Book a complimentary call and I would love to chat and help you come up with a plan!

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