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Pelvic Health

Feel limitless in the activity your body can do and find JOY in being active again!


You had your baby and were ready to get back into exercise as soon as you got the 6 week “all clear” from your doctor. 

Right away you were back in the gym or in your fitness classes, kicking butt ready to get your “body back” as soon as you could. 

You were feeling great that you were finally being active again, but something felt off and you thought “I just had a baby, this is normal.”

Or maybe...


You had your baby and were trying to find your new groove of constantly feeding your baby, lugging a car seat around, and taking your baby in and out of the crib. 


These new tasks didn’t seem too bad at first, but you started to notice the repetition caused your back to ache, hips to hurt, and your core may have felt unsupported. 


You thought to yourself “this is just a phase and is part of being a new mom.”

Helping women who are experiencing frustration with their bodies to discover the joy in being active again so they can have more play in life.

That pressure in your core started increasing or even became painful.

The slight leakage you were having was not so slight anymore and was becoming consistent.

Aches and pains started to worsen. 

You talked with your girlfriends and they had similar issues since having their kids, so you think “this is part of recovering from having a baby.”

Your frustration built as you were not able to be active for yourself and your family like you wanted, and may even have thought you were letting them down. 

You no longer felt confident in your body and wondered if you would ever get that confidence back. 

You may have felt disconnected from your partner and intimacy became a challenge. 


Suddenly you did not feel like yourself anymore and found it hard to recognize the person in the mirror and felt lost on how to get back to feeling free in yourself.

Looking at Dr. Google

Scrolling through 'experts' on social media

Online core and pelvic floor programs

Getting advice from friends for treatments for leakage, lightning crotch, and diastasis recti


But your heart sinks every time you…


X Can barely pick your child up because your back hurts so bad

Try to get a little exercise in but finish with wet pants or your crotch feels like it's on fire


You long to feel like yourself again and strong in your body. 

Have you ever felt that way?

  You are not alone and you aren't doing anything wrong!  

As you became a mom, you were likely led to believe that your body comes at the expense of having a child and you had to deal with peeing your pants, core weakness, and aches and pains in your pelvis for the rest of your life. 

Your friends and you may have joked about how you all pee yourself since having kids which encourages you to just deal with it because if a lot of women have these issues, well then it must be “normal.”

Well I am here to tell you that


just because something is common -- does not mean it is normal!

Gone are the days of thinking you are wrong for feeling how you do and believing that you are stuck dealing with these issues. 

No more pushing through the leakage, pain, and weakness wondering how long you will be able to keep this up and when you will have to stop doing things that bring you joy. 

The world has led moms to believe that their bodies are broken after having babies and any issues that follow are just part of it. 


But this negative belief is affecting how you view your body after having a child and has made you doubt your body and the possibilities that it has. 


The truth is - your lack of trust in yourself and your body is holding you back from uncovering your most beautiful version of you yet!


The good news is - It is 100% possible for you to:


Have a stronger body after having a baby or many babies!


 Be pain free doing the things you love that bring so much joy to your life! 


 Feel freedom in having a life full of play and no worries about leakage!


What you need is an expert teammate to guide you in letting go of your limiting beliefs and arm you with the tools you need to feel strong in your body so that you can reconnect with yourself and feel confident moving forward.


From having pain daily in your back and abs with picking up your baby from their crib

From having to tell your child you can’t play today because your body can’t handle it

From avoiding your group exercise class with your friends because you feel like a softball is between your legs

From taking a break from running because your crotch feels like it got zapped by lightning every time

From pushing through your deadlift with pee everywhere


To not thinking twice about how you are going to pick your baby up.

To being able to pick up your kiddo and run and jump around the yard at playtime without having to worry about if your body can handle it. 

To pounding out those box jumps, jump rope, and jumping jacks with your legs on fire and racing the timer until you about fall over when you hear “times up” without any pelvic pressure. 

To running with the wind in your hair, jamming out to Taylor Swift without a thought about pain.  

To crushing your PR deadlift while keeping your pants completely dry.


This is 100% possible for you!

I will help you develop a clear plan that accounts for your individual needs and goals, so that you feel empowered throughout your physical therapy process. 

A whole body approach will be taken into consideration while developing a plan to progress you back to your day to day life and exercise without limitation from your body.

I offer 1:1 services in person and online. 


Want to learn more about working together? Book a complimentary call and we will get clear on your goals, what is getting in the way and come up with a clear plan to get you where you want to go!

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