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I help women who are experiencing frustration with life, their bodies, or the endless demands, to restore their sense of self, balance, and freedom in life, so that they can live a life full of love and joy. 

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Afraid to exercise because you might pee while jumping and running?
Irritated because you are going to the bathroom constantly and at times can barely hold it in?
Frustrated that activities that you used to do are now causing you issues or pain?
Overwhelmed each day by the number of things you have to do?

Worried about what other people think about you or constantly seeking approval?

Have difficulty making even simple decisions?

you are in the right place!

You know that gaining clarity on the next best steps to help you find inner peace and freedom to live your life how you deeply desire, without limitation from your body, would feel absolutely AMAZING!

problem is...

You are overwhelmed with everything there is to do in the day and find it hard to spend any time taking care of your own needs.


Doing nothing about it and still pushing through, causes interference with quality family or friend time, and is leaving you without the time or energy to focus on your own needs.

You start to wonder… “is THIS how life is supposed to be?”


This leaves you feeling like you are not doing a good enough job for your family, friends, or yourself. 


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Working as hard as you can to do everything “perfectly'' to get the life you want -- which leaves you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Stepping back when you realize there is too much going on -- only to find yourself wondering where to go, and how to move forward in a way that gives you the freedom you desire. 

Following the crowd -- trying to look a certain way, saying yes anytime someone asks for a favor, or doing more for your family -- hoping that working harder will get you the life you crave -- but you only find yourself feeling overworked and frustrated. 

Powering through and hoping everything will sort itself out -- exercising through pain, throwing your back out to console your crying child and leaking your way through your home workout -- but things seem to be getting worse. 

Perhaps you have tried personal training, pelvic physical therapy, or counseling already and it did not work out and you wonder what else can help. Does that sound like you?

You are not alone and you aren't doing anything wrong!


As a woman, you have likely been conditioned to believe that you need a rigid structure and rules to keep your family going, your body healthy and your finances flowing.
But this constant pursuit for perfection has you running a race that you can never actually win.
The truth is – your unwavering commitment to powering through -- exercising through pain and jumping through leakage is actually keeping you stuck --
in pain, in overwhelm, and in frustration.
The good news is -- it is 100% possible for you to:

✸ laugh freely without peeing your pants

✸ lift your kid without calculating every move

 exercise freely and confidently, without pain

What you need is an expert teammate to guide you in letting go of your limiting beliefs and arm you with the tools you need to feel strong in your body so that you can reconnect with yourself and feel confident moving forward.

And I am here to help you do that!

I'm Miranda

I help women discover their inner guidance, to feel clarity and peace with making decisions, and find freedom in living a life of infinite radiance. 


I believe the best version of you shines through when you live authentically. 


I love empowering women like you to live the life you long for, despite the societal pressures that may tell you otherwise.

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you go:


Zoning out during a family conversation at the dinner table because you are thinking about the long to-do list you put together a few days ago.


From dreading every time you have to suffer through pain in your back and abs to pick up, or put down your baby from their crib

From avoiding group workouts because you pee your pants every time you have to do those dang jumping exercises.

From feeling like you do not recognize yourself.


From feeling guilty if you don’t constantly have the house picked up.


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Being fully present and joining in on the laughter with your family that almost makes you spit out your drink.

Not thinking twice about how you are going to respond when picking your baby up from their crib. 


Confidently saying yes to group workouts you enjoy and crushing those jumping jacks. 

Gaining clarity on who you are to allow your life to be filled with love and joy. 

Feeling freedom in choosing to watch a show on the couch, in your PJs, with your dog, and a glass of wine.

This is possible for you too!

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You deserve to live the life you long for -- one free pain, peeing your pants and emotional overwhelm. Curious to see if I can help you? Book a complimentary call and we will get clear on your goals, challenges and come up with a clear plan to get you there! Looking forward to connecting with you!

"Miranda has been so patient and kind throughout our treatment, it is not even over yet and I have already seen great improvement in the areas I went to see her for. She truly doesn't rush and gives her undivided attention, and makes it comfortable to talk about topics that are very uncomfortable otherwise. Highly recommend Miranda!"


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